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Washing Hands

Health and Safety

Safety is Our Top Priority

We always hope our campers never feel sick, but if they do happen to feel ill , our wonderful staff members make sure to give them all the attention and support they need to help get them through it. Whether its an injury from sports, a food allergy or campers who require daily medications, we have certified staff members available to help!

Sun Screen Protection

Sunscreen and Sun Safety 

We ask that you apply sunscreen (rain or shine) on your child before they get  to camp each morning. On the first day of camp, please provide sunscreen (LABELLED!) that can be kept in their backpack and reapplied at designated times during the day. Our staff are trained on the various age-appropriate ways to assist their campers with putting on more sunscreen.



The overall objective of Capital Camps healthcare is to provide basic first aid and monitoring of minor health issues arising during the camp day.


  • Early detection and care of campers with health care needs 

  • Development of healthy attitudes and healthy behaviors by campers 

  • Ensure a healthy environment for children at camp 

  • Prevention of communicable diseases at camp


Covid-19 Prevention

We continue to fine-tune our COVID-19 precautions. We will also be following both the Ottawa Public Health and provincial public health policies as well as the Ontario Camps Association Covid-19 protocols to ensure that we have a safe summer and minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 


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