Top 10 Reasons to Choose Capital Camps

  1. We are camp professionals - Capital Camps Owner/Director Aaron Shaughnessy has been running summer camps for 24 years and Capital Camps for 17 years!

  2. We have the best camp staff in Orleans - Capital Camps staff are highly qualified to work with your child. We have 6 times more teachers working for us than any other camp in Ottawa. All of our program directors are teachers, not to mention that 75% of our staff returns to camp year after year!

  3. Happy campers - Over the past 17 years we have had more than 11,500 happy campers come through our doors. How do we know they are happy? Over 50% return every summer!

  4. Our camps are what memories are made of - We organize and plan our programs all year to ensure the week your child spends with us is unforgettable. Just ask any of our campers or watch our camp videos.

  5. Fun is our motto - One of Capital Camps' chief objective is fun, so we ensure that both our councillors and atmosphere embody this. This fun environment is apparent when campers don't want to leave at the end of the day! Good luck tearing them away.

  6. We are Ontario Camps Accredited - We are the only day camp in Ottawa accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. This means we have passed all 500 individual safety standards set by the OCA.

  7. Peace of mind - Due to our highly qualified staff, you can leave our camp in the morning knowing that you can count on the highly trained teachers and coaches to take care of and work with your child. The 8 to1 councillor to camper ratio helps too - we know where all campers are at all times.

  8. Self-esteem booster - Proficiency building is a very important part of our camp. We work closely with your child to develop their skill set – regardless of their level. Nothing raises a child’s confidence more than knowing they have improved.

  9. Free extras - We offer many great free extras to both campers and parents! Campers get a camp T-shirt, an action shot picture/or DVD and an award certificate. Parents benefit from the free extras too! We offer free kid-friendly lunches and before every day

  10. Our Reputation - Capital Camps has been a summer staple for many kids and parents in the Orleans area for the past 17 years. Just ask any camper or parent who has had the Capital Camps experience!

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